Regd.  No.: 148219/72/073 PAN No.:  604286680

NASA Foundation

NASA Foundation is a Non -profitable, non-governmental Charitable organization working for Road& Transport, Life Saving, Environment, Smart Cities, Consumer Right and Society in Nepal since 2015.

It was established on 2015 in proud presence of Michelle Yeoh, Road Safety Global Ambassador. NASA Foundation is also member of International Road Federation Geneva, Belt and Road International Transport Alliance (BRITA), International Road Victims’ Partnership (IRVP) and International Association for Sports and Leisure Facilities (IAKS). It is on the way to be affiliated with Consumer International and International Life Saving Federation.

The core working areas of Foundation are as follows:
1. Road & Transport:

Safer road is our need and NASA work for safer road and connectivity. Research and development, awareness for the public and stakeholders and trainings will be the integral part of the road-safety interventions, NASA works to improve road traffic crashes database. Building highway emergency service network, improve road safety, inform policy for demand management and planners is vital NASA supports on these issues. Similarly drive tourism is also important in Nepalese context. Partnership with the organisations working for intelligence transport system.

2.Life Saving:

NASA aims to prevent drowning and water related injuries through awareness campaign, water safety public education multi sectorial collaboration. It also promotes awareness of water safety through school based campaign for swimming skill. NASA also works to promote water safety in  river water sports activity. Similarly, our aim is to generate evidence based data by research based activities.

3. Environment:

Provide a forum for bringing together experiences related to environment from individuals, institutions and organizations. Our aim encompasses use of alternative energy, nature conservation, action for environment, and clean and green mobility. It strives to promote cycling in cities and pedestrian safety.

4. Smart Cities:

Improving urban infrastructure and services, a better environment, protection of heritage,well social and economic conditions are the recent needs of urban people. Thesmart cities make use of information and communication technology extensively to help cities to build their competitive advantages. Our mission is to for sustainable planning and development of smart cities, efficient use of resources, managed public transport and development of auto land.

5. Society

Through charitable activities our mission is to work for consumer rights. Similarly, to promote women in sports and adventure, rights to play and fair play and skill transfer are some core areas to contribute for the nation.